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Best laptops for hacking

Good afternoon! Question for the experts. Can you please tell me which laptop from your experience is more suitable for ethical hacking? The compact computer is ideal for running hacking software and supporting all kinds of external hacking devices. You need to pick one of the best laptops for hacking with a well-supported by some normal driver (from here) wifi (monitor mode is required). Needed for Gentoo and software development (Eclipse, PyCharm, etc.), must pull a VirtualBox virtual machine (well, just test something on another platform, be it android or stock Windows). 

CPU cooler

I studied the options first in local stores, and later on Aliexpress, but I did not find anything suitable.

In the variants found, I was not satisfied with the location of the radiator and the bending of the heat pipes – I was going to place the motherboard in the case in such a way that, firstly, the connectors were on the right side of the user, and secondly, the processor would be located closer to the top edge of the device . So cooling will be more efficient.
As a result, my choice fell on the Intel processor cooler, model BXHTS1155LP.

Initially, I assumed that this cable could be borrowed from a laptop with an identical LVDS connector. I worked in the service, and many laptops passed through my hands daily, but I was disappointed. It took three years before I found the right LVDS cable for my pinout.

All the rest

Since only the LVDS 40pin connector was available on the selected motherboard, I decided to take the matrix with the same connector. I stopped on the Innolux N156B6-L0B matrix with a diagonal of 15.6 inches.

I had fewer requirements for the processor: if only it worked and was more powerful than mobile ones.

RAM – SO-DIMM DDR4 bar, drive – SSD Sata M2 120 GB.

That was enough for the first test assembly.