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Cooktop: features, selection and glass replacement

Many modern kitchens are equipped with hobs or cooktops that are not inferior in their technical characteristics to conventional gas and electric stoves, and their assortment range allows them to harmoniously fit into any kitchen design.

The materials from which the panels are made are an important element in the kitchen. The functionality of household appliances and ease of use depend on it.

Another advantage of the cooktop is the rational use of space. The modern market offers many device options: they differ in their functions, materials of manufacture and design, and also have their own advantages and disadvantages.


A material such as glass is used in gas, electric and induction hobs. It is more expensive than enamelled surfaces, but the price is justified.

Main advantages:

— smooth and even surface;
— food is prepared quickly, since the panel heats up only where it is needed at the moment;
— easy to clean – fresh stains can be removed with a regular sponge, and old and serious dirt can be cleaned with special scrapers;
— a wide range of colors, as well as various design solutions, captivate potential customers.

However, it is quite fragile. If an object weighing two kilograms or more, or any sharp object, is dropped on the hob, it may crack or split. Therefore, to prevent the panel from bursting, it must be carefully and carefully looked after.

How to choose?

Fans of gas stoves, when they decide to buy a hob, but leave the gas, are faced with a choice: tempered glass or glass ceramics.

In fact, there is no difference, since only the hotplate heats up. You can break both, but glass ceramics will break into pieces, and the tempered glass will be covered with cracks.

Electric hobs do not use tempered glass that heats up completely, but the maximum temperature it can withstand is lower than the maximum heat.
According to the info, glass ceramics can withstand temperatures 2 times higher than tempered glass.

The positive and negative characteristics of glass ceramics are as follows:

[+] It’s stronger than toughened glass;
[+] It accepts temperature changes well;
[+] It has high heat resistance;
[-] Pinpoint strikes are dangerous;
[-] You need special dishes with a flat bottom;
[-] a ceramic glass panel is more expensive than tempered glass.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Tempered Glass:

[+] flexible material with high impact strength;
[-] such glass should not be subjected to any mechanical operation.

If you choose a panel for a gas stove, then experts tend to tempered glass, since it is a budget option, visually does not differ from ceramic glass. The mechanical properties are sufficient for full operation.

Causes of damage

Strong and harsh impact on the surface, for example from a saucepan. A hole appears in the center, from which cracks subsequently form.
All burners were turned on at full power, causing the glass to burst. A specific sound appears, cracks begin to spread out to the sides.
The hob is not installed correctly. Under the influence of a powerful voltage, the hob “diverges”.
The surface can be punctured, for example by dropping a knife.
The dishes are stuck to the panel. For example, they cooked jam, it ran out and got under the saucepan, which stuck. Dishes come off, usually with glass.
Temperature changes negatively affect the glass.
The heated sugar, once on the panel, gets into the structure of the material. Cleaning the surface leads to damage, in particular to chipping.

How to replace?

Hob cracks are the most common breakage option. The cause of this defect can be knocks, as well as improper cleaning of the hobs.

If the surface is cracked, then it can be replaced. Consider the process of Cooktop repair.

It is necessary to contact a service center for the repair of household appliances. It is important to confirm the fact that this organization has access to the official manufacturer, because the panels are not for sale in the public domain.
The equipment is diagnosed by a specialist of the service center. Damage is assessed.

It takes several hours to replace the glass. At first, it seems that changing the glass is a simple task, however, to replace it qualitatively, you need special skills and a proprietary tool.

The price of the service depends on the cost of the master’s services and the price of spare parts. As experts and ordinary people write, the amount is approximately 50% of the cost of new similar equipment.