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How to get followers on Instagram and not get banned

Publishing beautiful and useful posts is not enough to attract a subscriber to your Instagram blog. This is, of course, important. But first, people must at least see them.

In this article, we will tell you how to get into the field of view of subscribers and motivate them to subscribe to your Instagram. Of course, you can just buy Instagram folllowers – ibuyfans is certainly a good option, but let’s take a look at the other methods. Enjoy.

Paid promotion methods

Targeted advertising


Target is automated. You need to set up an advertisement once and just monitor the indicators. Convenient reporting and analytics.

Low cost – the target can be launched from 50 rubles per day. You can test multiple creatives and disable ineffective ones.


You need to be able to customize the target. In addition, on Instagram, the choice of audience is blurred compared to Facebook. This means that there is a greater risk of spending extra money. Sometimes an ad meets all the rules of the site, but it is still rejected. It is impossible to contact technical support – she simply does not answer.



Niche bloggers are the easiest and fastest way to reach your audience. They especially help in promoting new, complex and incomprehensible products for the masses. So you can explain in simple language the essence of the project and its value in the place where the right people gather.

Bloggers enjoy authority with their subscribers, they listen to them, they are consulted, they are imitated. If such a blogger recommends your products or praises the quality of the service, you can quickly get results in the form of quality subscribers and sales.


You need to look for bloggers, check for cheats or copy-paste, carefully draw up technical specifications, track the tone of posts – perhaps you work in one niche, but your product is not suitable for him.

Even careful preparation does not guarantee that everything will go smoothly. A blogger can take money and disappear, score on the technical assignment, or move the publication of your company in time, or can move it twice, and all financial losses will fall on your shoulders. There was a situation when I made a post for a blogger, and he used this post to advertise a competitive company ¯ \ _ (ツ) _ / ¯

There are more good and responsible bloggers, but it is better to play it safe and draw up a contract. This, by the way, also guarantees nothing, but at least reduces the risks.

And of course the prices. A good, big blogger is expensive, but if you get down to business wisely, your investment will pay off. If you do not have finances, contact nano- and microbloggers – they are not yet developed enough to break prices, but they can also have a high-quality audience. If you have finances, apply too. A large number of microbloggers for $10,000 can work better than one blogger for the same amount.



Influencers are respected experts in their niche. For example, a well-known doctor in the city, or a stylist, or a teacher – their opinion is worth its weight in gold and a priori is perceived as correct. Influence of influencers is often significantly higher than that of bloggers. They value their reputation and they will definitely not ditch you, there is no need to check for cheating and the quality of the audience – their subscribers are thoughtful and active.

For example, health food company Newanutrition is promoting its fitness bikini champion.


They can be very expensive. In addition, not all opinion leaders sell ads, and they will definitely not advertise a product that for some reason they cannot test. And they will not promote anything that smells bad.

Promotions, contests, games with prizes


In a short time, you can gain a lot of subscribers. In addition, the company can go viral, and this is free traffic and a plus for recognition.

The mechanic is a bunch, here are some of them:

  • In game terms, ask subscribers to tag friends under your post.
  • As part of the promotion, ask to write a post (about your product or tell a story) on your page and put a tag on your channel.
  • In the context of the competition, ask to repost your post to the story.

For example, a promotion with a cash prize for the best money question. According to the terms, the subscriber publishes a question with the tag and hashtag of the action on his page. Also, if you are interested why buy Instagram followers and how it can help your business – check this awesome blog post as well!


Implies some kind of gift. If the goal is to attract new people and increase sales outside the account, you will have to pay bloggers and connect the target. In addition, most of the subscribers attracted will consist of freebie lovers. As soon as the promotion is over, they will unsubscribe.