Who is IMDb Media influencer in 2022

IMDb Media influencer

IMDb influencer pricing
An approximate cost of advertising according to the Insta.Surf stats

3800 $

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Can IMDb become your brand influencer?

First of all, if your business deals with Focus topics: Media Writing, it may be a good idea to pitch IMDb. Normally there are about 19.7K likes below each of posts – only you can decide if it is an acceptable value.

A good estimation of IMDb advertisement effectiveness is the engagement rate (ER) which equals to the average likes number divided by the audience volume. For @imdb it is approximately 0.83%.

What is IMDb audience?

For now IMDb Instagram account has about 2.4M followers. The number itself makes sense only if compared with other niche bloggers with respect to the Engagement Rate.

IMDb advertisement price

Celebrities and top Media influencers are unlikely to disclose their pricing publicly. Although the cost of IMDb influencer marketing could be calculated by Insta.Surf own formula. We expect the price of IMDb guest post in instagram.com/imdb to be ~ $3800.

How much traffic could I collect working with IMDb?

We assume the actual audience reached by the paid promotion to be about 12% of the overall subscribers number. Thus, you can expect the IMDb engaged followers number of 2280.