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Mobile gaming market growth

Misconceptions about gamers are still common – even in the gaming industry. If you envision the stereotypical gamer as an adolescent boy, you are not alone! But our data tells a different story about your average gamer’s demographics.

Using our Passive Mobile Behavior tool, which records application usage at a very detailed level among US panelists, RealityMine conducted a study to find out what the real face of mobile gamers is and how games fit into their daily lives looking ror word trip answer.

The majority of the audience for mobile games is women. Our data shows that 66% of men play mobile games, while the same percentage is 70% among women. In terms of time spent gaming, women beat men at any time of the day – the average gaming session for women lasts 25% longer than for men.
As the mobile gaming industry grows and the variety of games increases, there are dozens of games that appeal to female audiences, such as Candy Crush Saga and Words with Friends – which are the most popular games for both our female and male panels.