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Solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture is confidently gaining popularity among consumers. It is beautiful, environmentally friendly, and has high performance characteristics. It is prestigious to have solid wood furniture in the house (гардеробные из дерева as an example), so it will be in demand, which means it will be profitable. But how do you create a worthy offer?

Solid wood furniture is a product of the highest price category. But the expensive cost of production will not pay off only with the concept of “naturalness” – there must be originality, an idea, an interesting design and high quality at all stages of the technological process from purchasing raw materials to packaging and proper storage of the finished product;

The main buyer of such furniture is people with above-average incomes. Assess the consumer segment in your region – will it meet your expectations?

Solid wood furniture is durable and durable, so it will not be replaced soon due to operational wear. But because of the change in interior design – yes. Therefore, an enterprise with a serial production cycle must be ready for the constant development of the assortment, tracking new ideas and fashion trends in order to anticipate the wishes of the buyer;

The best option for a small enterprise for the production of solid wood furniture is to work under specific orders.
To keep production from idle, you need to have an extensive dealer network. At the initial stage, it is not necessary to open your own stores. It will be quite enough to issue an advertising catalog with a range of products and agreements with construction firms, shops, etc. It will not hurt to acquire your own Internet resource with advertising of products, photographs of production and contacts – today many consumers are looking for furniture through the World Wide Web.

The demand for solid wood furniture is seasonal: from May to August, sales are falling (July-August and January are considered “low season”, during which production may be idle); from September to April – increase. The peak of activity is in November-December.

The fittings can be both domestic and imported (at the request of the customer). Handles and fasteners made of stainless steel, bronze, chrome-plated steel are the most “trusted” of buyers. More info here:

The main requirement for a mini-wood furniture factory is the ability to heat and control the level of humidity in all rooms. The rest of the requirements are standard: the presence of a 3-phase network, access roads and a platform for unloading raw materials and materials, ventilation, water.