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What is a cleaning company

Today, cleaning means professional cleaning, and not banal mopping or dusting. Cleaning will help after repairs, after a fire, after a flood, etc. This is done by experienced employees who undergo appropriate training and are well versed in the rules of care for upholstered furniture, wallpaper, laminate, glass, etc.

In the process, they use professional devices and household chemicals, which are much more powerful and effective than classic store products. There are three cleaning options:

  • Daily cleaning, which includes washing floors and dishes, cleaning sinks and stoves, watering plants, dusting.
  • Weekly cleaning, which, in addition to the above work, includes washing the bath, shower and toilet, mirrors, window sills, changing bed linen and towels.
  • General cleaning, which is done three to four times a year. It includes cleaning carpets and upholstered furniture, washing window systems, washing curtains, cleaning unnecessary things, etc.
  • end of tenancy cleaning London is quite popular as well.

Many people order a general cleaning service, while daily and weekly they do it on their own. This allows you to free up the time required for communication with your family, self-improvement, rest, etc.

Let’s take a look at how cleaning itself differs from regular cleaning, and why not hire an ordinary grandmother who will come a couple of times a week and wash your dishes along with the floors. The main difference is that cleaning workers have real specific knowledge and use professional tools (equipment) and household chemicals in their work. The advantages of cleaning include:

Environmentally friendly and safe chemistry. It is more powerful than conventional products, but it does not contain classical components such as phosphates, anionic surfactants, chlorine, formaldehyde. Moreover, these products are hypoallergenic and do not contain harmful components that can harm humans or animals.

Availability of specialized equipment and inventory for working with various types of surfaces: steam cleaners, special vacuum cleaners, washing vacuum cleaners. This allows you to significantly improve the cleaning result and achieve real cleanliness, while during normal cleaning they use a classic rag, transferring dirt and germs from place to place.

A wide range of chemicals and tools for solving specific problems. Cleaning companies have special types of chemicals for washing toilets, for washing ovens, for removing rust, for washing glass and mirrors – universal products are not suitable for this.

What are cleaning services

Let’s take a look at what a cleaning company is and what it does in more detail. We already know that this is a company that provides professional cleaning services. But this is not just a grandmother who washes your floors, this is a legal entity that concludes an official contract with the client and guarantees compliance with the deadlines, quality of services provided and, most importantly, safety. After all, you let strangers into your house – you need to trust them 100% and be sure that nothing will be lost and no information will go beyond the boundaries of the house.

Attention: the contract specifies all the nuances of cooperation. If you are not satisfied with something and you want to add, then feel free to demand it from the company – as a rule, they meet customers halfway.

Also, before signing the contract with cleaners London, we recommend that you carefully study the reviews and comments on the Internet and on specialized sites. Do not trust the comments on the company’s portal – fake or “censored” comments will be posted there in a positive or neutral manner. The following conditions must be spelled out in the contract:

Such an agreement will protect both parties from force majeure and protect against possible misunderstandings on both sides. In addition, you will receive additional protection from unscrupulous employees or their actions – if something is damaged or lost in the process, then you can always bring the company to justice. And if you hire a person from outside, then you will not have such an opportunity – an individual is not obliged to report to you for his actions.

What services does the cleaning company provide
It is rather short-sighted to view cleaning solely as cleaning living quarters or offices, although they do represent a significant share in the overall distribution of services. But the capabilities of companies are much broader. They offer the following list of cleaning services London:

  • Cleaning of plots and the surrounding area.
  • Facade cleaning, window cleaning and other tasks of industrial mountaineering.
  • Cleaning up after difficult situations: repairs, fire, flooding, violent death.
  • Cleaning of construction waste, removal of old furniture and equipment.
  • Dry cleaning of carpets, upholstered furniture.
  • Maintenance of offices, shops, receptions, shopping and entertainment centers.
  • Deratization, disinfection of residential, utility, commercial premises.