Who is What is a Pansexual – Definition and meaning in 2022

What is a Pansexual – Definition and meaning

UNLIKE HOMOSEXUALITY, not much is known about pansexuality; many also do not understand how it differs from bisexuality. At the same time, more and more people understand that it is pansexuality that is the sexual identity that describes their own romantic feelings and sexual desires better than other letters from the well-known abbreviation. For example, singer Demi Lovato recently came out as a pansexual. “In my youth, I stopped any attraction to women in myself,” Lovato told the Joe Rogan podcast. – "But last year I was engaged to a man, and I was uncomfortable in this union, something was wrong. It became an important sign for me.”

In this article, I will try to explain in simple terms who a pansexual is and what are the main features of this sexual orientation.

Pansexual – who is it

Wikipedia defines pansexuality as a romantic and sexual attraction to a person, regardless of their gender identity and biological sex.

In simple terms, a pansexual is a person who does not pay attention to the gender of his soulmate.

He cannot be attributed to either homosexuals or bisexuals, since he can enter into relationships with a man, a woman, a transgender (how is that?), an intersex and even a hermaphrodite.

Intimacy for a pansexual is not the most important thing, it is more important to find your man. Respect, platonic love and mutual understanding are the three main criteria for choosing a partner for representatives of this orientation.

Pansexual motto and flag

Each sexual minority has its own flag. Homosexuals have a six-color rainbow, bisexuals (who is this?) have a tricolor canvas of pink, purple and blue, intersex people have a purple circle on a yellow background.

The pansexual flag consists of three colors:

  1. pink;
  2. yellow;
  3. blue.

The main motto of pansexuals is “Love is love”.

These words mean that you can love a person not only for his gender, but also for the spiritual world.

The difference between pansexuals and bisexuals

Some people confuse pansexuals with bisexuals. At first glance, these two sexual orientations seem similar, but the differences are significant. I explain the difference.

Bisexuals are attracted to both men and women at the same time. For pansexuals, the gender of a partner is absolutely not important, they are “gender blind”.

Pansexuals can start relationships with transgender people, intersex people, or anyone. For them, the appearance of a partner does not matter, the main thing is the kinship of souls.

Pansexual chooses a companion with whom he is comfortable, and the presence of intimacy is not too important for him.

Famous pansexuals

In the world of show business, it is believed that declaring oneself pansexual to a certain extent indicates a person’s homosexual orientation, since an open coming out (what is it?) Can destroy a career.

This happened to Rupert Everett, who admitted that he prefers men to women. Matt Bomer did not get the main role in the sensational saga "50 Shades of Grey" either, because a gay man cannot be an object of female desires.

But among celebrities, pansexuals are usually declared by those who cannot describe their feelings in relationships with other people. Here are a few famous personalities for whom the gender of the partner is not important:

  • Angel Hayes. A popular rap artist who dated the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger Island Baldwin. She believes that love has no boundaries, and the attention of a girl will be deserved by a person who will make her feel and laugh.
  • Shailene Woodley. The actress said that she falls in love with people for who they really are. The gender of the companion does not matter to her.
  • Josh Hutcherson. The actor admits his heterosexual orientation, but admits that he can enter into a relationship with a guy if he is comfortable with him.

Instead of a conclusion

Finally, I want to say that you should not judge a person by his sexual orientation.

It's not always people's fault that they like people of the same, both sexes, or transgender people. Everyone has their own reasons for this, everyone has the right to love and be loved.

Although I advocate traditional family values, I urge you to accept people as they are. The main thing is that deviations should not be advertised or imposed on young people as an equal alternative.

I tried to tell in simple words about pansexuals, who they are, what are their features and differences from bisexuals. I hope that after reading the article you will not have any questions.