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Who is game developer?

A game developer is a modern in-demand specialty. It attracts those who love games in all their manifestations, and those who want to develop in a field that has not lost relevance for 20 years. The secret of the specialty is that there are no pure developers, but there are many areas that one person perfectly combines.

For those who are far from the IT world, it may seem that game development services industry fits experienced programmers only, and there is nothing for beginners to do in it. In fact, this is far from the case. In our article, we will tell you what a game developer should know and be able to do, how easy access to the profession is and what will help you quickly master the necessary minimum for work.

What do game developers do and what are they like

Game development is a powerful industry focused on the release of new games for different engines and platforms, in the form of applications for PC, smartphone or social network. A game developer is a person engaged in this field. However, this is a general concept that includes a lot of narrow specializations. Let's give a brief description of the types of game developers:

  • Gameplay developer thinks over the general concept and mechanics in close contact with 3D animators and game designers.
  • Engine developer is working on creating special utility templates and tools, thanks to which other specialists quickly solve their tasks.
  • Animation developer is responsible for the visual side of the new game. He creates backgrounds, landscapes, costumes and the appearance of characters, tools and weapons.
  • DevOps developer provides comfort for users who use third-party services for the game, for example, Battle.net and Ubisoft.
  • Mobile developer is needed when the mobile game development agency deals with, apparently, the games designed for mobile platforms.

UI and Client developers deal with all elements outside the game world – the splash screen, menus, transitions between sections. The first impression of the game depends on them, as well as the convenience of gamers during its passage.

Graphics programmer is responsible for ensuring that the application does not impose too high requirements on devices and, thanks to this, is as accessible as possible.
Back-end developer implements the internal structure – servers, parsing, data acquisition. The performance of the game largely depends on this specialist.
As you can see, many different professionals are involved in game development, while the applicant for each specialty must meet certain requirements.

The developer uses ready-made software assemblies in the process of creating the game. The top five most popular are Unity, Unreal Engine, GameSalad, CryEngine, HeroEngine. A mandatory requirement for a game developer is knowledge of programming languages (C++, Java, Python, etc.). In addition, he needs to easily navigate optimization software, which is created in large quantities specifically for the gaming industry.