Why you need Pinterest 2022 news at Insta.Surf

Why you need Pinterest

Pinterest has fully come into its own and shaped its own culture. At the same time, for almost every organic social media marketing company, it remains not the most relevant tool for interacting with followers.

Why is Pinterest interesting in the first place? Probably the fact that it allows you to distribute graphic content around the world with cosmic speed. A recommendation system, a convenient search and an algorithm for comparing similar images exponentially increase the chance that the brand’s graphics will hit the right user.

What does Pinterest give a business?

Undoubtedly the most important factor in getting an account on this network is that Pinterest is able to generate traffic. If the user wants to see the image in full size or is interested in the subject of infographics, he will definitely follow the link below the image. Some brands specifically place header images that draw attention to the article on the company’s website.

What does it look like?

Pictures are attached to the board-album. When opening a picture, a person sees similar images by theme, color or type. Recently, the network introduced a new type of images – detailed pins. With their help, you can create a pin of a place, which will contain an indication of the address and coordinates of a place, attach a link to download the application, a product with an indication of the price.

However, it should be noted that this is an ideal network for sharing useful information, publishing social media graphic design, but not selling products. Your efforts to create useful and educational content will resonate on Pinterest.

How do I create content for a brand?

Recently, the network has been offering users to launch a business account. For those who choose this way of interaction, additional opportunities and a chance to make money on sales will open up.

The winners are brands that can be visualized: apparel, home furnishings, and whatever is popular with a Pinterest audience of women aged 24 to 40. Don’t be upset if the target audience of your brand does not fall within this framework – a positive increase in network users is observed every year.
Here you can create boards with images of your products or involve other people’s images to create thematic boards about services. The last option is ideally illustrated by the Aviasales account. Visualizing blog posts by adding relevant illustrations or creating infographics is the best approach for B2B brands to work on this network.